Coffee expo finds new trend in beers brewed with the bean


Wine barrel-aged coffee is a growing trend. So why not something like its inverse: coffee beer?

Indeed, coffee beer — beers brewed with coffee — has been taking off, as evidenced by the breweries offering samples at this year’s Global Specialty Coffee Expo.

The annual trade show by the Specialty Coffee Association opened Thursday and runs through Sunday at the Washington State Convention Center. It’s expected to draw about 12,000 attendees.

 For the first time this year, the expo on Sunday is also open to coffee enthusiasts among the general public. (Their $50 tickets will allow access to the show floor and competitions such as the U.S. Barista Championship, but not to lectures or classes.)

The pros attending Friday could sit in classes on espresso and milk steaming fundamentals or introduction to sensory analysis, or attend lectures on strategies for green coffee buyers and challenges such as coffee leaf rust that threaten coffee crops. Huge expanses of exhibition booths featured everything from coffee beans to espresso machines to coffee mugs.

One area, called “Uppers & Downers,” was dedicated to coffee beers. And it was apparent there that lighter coffee beers are on the rise.

Darker beers, such as porters and stouts, have been the most popular for brewing with coffee, with both beverages boasting similar dark, roasted flavors. But as high-end coffee connoisseurs have increasingly been moving toward lighter roasts — the better to taste the unique flavor profiles of the microclimates in which specialty coffee beans are grown — so too have the beers that breweries use to pair with them.

“You get more fruitiness and acidity [with a lighter roast] that pairs well with golden ales and IPAs,” said Tiny Sipes, a roaster with Hotbox Roasters, which paired with Oskar Blues Brewery, both of Longmont, Colo., to create a Hotbox Coffee IPA.

Indeed, Seattle’s Georgetown Brewing Company won a gold medal last year at the Great American Beer Festival for its Gusto Crema Coffee Ale, a cream ale brewed with medium-roasted coffee beans from Caffe Umbria.

To make that beer, Georgetown Brewing made a cold brew using Caffe Umbria’s coffee beans, then blended it with the beer right before it’s carbonated, said Crystal Sturm, event coordinator for Georgetown Brewing.


Wayne Newton blitzes protesting NFL players

Take a knee during the national anthem and risk being waylaid by Wayne Newton.

That was the message from Mr. Las Vegas on Monday morning during an appearance on “Fox &Friends.” Asked about a handful of NFL players, led by San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick,who last weekend kneeled during the national anthem in protest of racial oppression in the U.S., Newton did not mince words.

“I think every American has the right to say and do whatever freedom offers,” he said. “However, during the national anthem is not the time or place to show that kind of thing. I have no tolerance at all for it. I support their right to believe what they want to believe, but that’s the wrong place and time.”

Co-host Steve Doocy asked Newton, “If they don’t like it (in the U.S.)?”

Said Newton: “If they don’t like it? Get the hell out.”

Newton, who typically endorses Republican candidates (through he has campaigned on behalf of Sen. Harry Reid, a Democrat) also confirmed he is a Donald Trump supporter, saying, “I finally found out I could be called ‘deplorable,’” a reference to Hillary Clinton’s comments that half of Trump’s supporters are a “basket of deplorables.”

“I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning, and he’s been a friend of mine for more years than I’d care for either of us to talk about,” he said. “… When you ask him a question, you get an honest opinion of where he’s coming from.”

Tonight, Newton is scheduled to appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” sitting with the house band, The Roots, and playing guitar through the show. He is not expected to be interviewed by Fallon. On Monday night, Newton was honored with the Humanitarian Award by the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis gala in New York. The organization is named for Marc Buoniconti, the son of NFL great Nick Buoniconti, who was left paralyzed while playing for The Citadel in 1985.

One of the rocking-est residencies on the Strip returns Wednesday night with John Fogerty’s “Fortunate Son in Concert” at the Venetian Theater. This show soars, with Fogerty unleashing the greatest hits of his days with Creedence Clearwater Revival and his later solo work (the nine-show series runs through Oct. 1).

As a salute to the U.S. military, Fogerty has enlisted the Six-String Soldiers ensemble for performances Wednesday and Friday. The four-man group arrives from the United States Army Field Band, and the performances mark the National POW/MIA Recognition day on Friday.

Fogerty joined an Army Reserve unit in the mid-1960s, serving at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox and Fort Lee before being honorably discharged in July 1967. “Having served in the military myself, I feel it is important that we bring awareness to ensure that we take care of the condition of our veterans,” he said in a statement. “It is a cause that is very dear to my heart.”

As a side note, we note: The scheduled media appearance by Fogerty at Neon Boneyard, to be held Monday afternoon, was scrapped. Wrong time, wrong place, is how that decision was explained to me.

A woman with legit Las Vegas heritage, Lena Prima, headlines Wednesday night at the Italian American Club at 2333 E. Sahara Ave. The daughter of Louis Prima and singer Gia Maione Prima (who replaced Keely Smith in Prima’s famed lounge act in 1962), Prima lives in New Orleans but frequently returns to Vegas to remind of her father’s legacy and display her own stagecraft. Prima samples “Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody)” by her father, pays tribute to Tina Turner andGrace Slick and plays a wicked drum solo.

Founded in 1965 with Frank Sinatra among its earliest members, IAC is one of the really cool hangs in this city. If you want to know what it used to be like, hit that haunt – especially when a Prima is in the house.

Expert singer/songwriters Aaron Benward and Travis Howard returned with “Nashville Unplugged” Friday night, playing a spirited two-hour set at the show’s new home, Mizuya Lounge at Mandalay Bay. Joining them in the 8 p.m. showcase, playing each Friday, were Regie Hamm and Danny Myrick, filling out a lineup known as The Ghost Town Troubadours. Up this Friday are Earl Bud Lee (who co-wrote (“Friends in Low Places” for Garth Brooks) and Jeremy McComb of the Blue Collar Comedy tour.

The show’s live-songwriting format has been ditched from the show’s previous incarnation at such venues as Rocks Lounge at Red Rock Resort and Club Madrid at Sunset Station. Seems Mizuya does not have a backstage area sufficient to satisfy the need for backstage songwriting.

Mizuya is one of these venues where the entertainment value has outpaced proper attention on the club itself — the rock-cover bands Phoenix, the Paul Charles Band, Patty Janura, the Vegas Limit and the Rock and Roll Rebels are terrific, and free of charge, in that venue.

But some advanced marketing is called for at the club. As a name, Mizuya is fine for a restaurant (and that is the name of the restaurant connected to the club), but not great as the title of the venue for a show called “Nashville Unplugged.” Expect a more inspired strategy, in the name of the venue and the title of the entertainment series, at what is now Mizuya Lounge by the end of the year.

John Katsilometes’ column runs Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday in the A section, and Fridays in Neon. He also hosts “Kats! On The Radio” Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on KUNV 91.5-FM and appears Wednesdays at 11 a.m. with Dayna Roselli on KTNV Channel 13. Contact him at Follow @johnnykats on Twitter, @JohnnyKats1 on Instagram.

Gawker Says It Expects to Win Legal Battle With Hulk Hogan

Gawker Media LLC plans to set aside at least $5.5 million from the sale of its websites to fund a continuing legal battle with former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, a feud the company says it intends to win.

In court papers filed Friday in Manhattan, Gawker asked a bankruptcy judge to approve an outline of a liquidation plan that would wind down what remains of the former internet publisher.

The plan includes funding for an appeal of a $130 million judgment owed to Terry Bollea, Hulk Hogan’s real name. The judgment forced the company and its founder into bankruptcy earlier this year.

“Gawker Media believes that the Bollea judgment will be reversed or, at a minimum, substantially reduced on appeal,” lawyers for Gawker said in court papers filed Friday.

In court papers, Gawker says that it is protected by the First Amendment and points to the fact that Mr. Bollea lost when he initially sued Gawker in federal court.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Bollea declined to comment Monday.

Earlier this year, a Florida jury awarded Mr. Bollea $115 million plus another $15 million in punitive damages stemming from a sex tape Gawker published in 2012. Gawker and its founder, Nick Denton, along with former Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio are jointly liable for the $115 million portion of the judgment.

Mr. Denton, a British-born journalist who founded Gawker out of his apartment in 2002, was found to be personally liable for an additional $10 million and filed for personal bankruptcy in August.

Attempts to settle the lawsuit and the bankruptcy are continuing but haven’t been fruitful, court papers show. In a recent podcast with “Longform,” Mr. Daulerio said he rejected a settlement offer from Mr. Bollea’s lawyers, calling it “atrocious.”

“I am not settling,” he said. “In the meantime, I will be hassled for the $115 million that I have to pay back until the appeals process reverses it.”

Since filing for bankruptcy, Gawker sold off most of its assets to a unit of Univision Communications Inc., which renamed them Gizmodo Media Group. The $135 million sale nudged Gawker’s editorial operations out the reach of the defamation lawsuits brought by Mr. Bollea and others.

The corporate shell left behind in bankruptcy, which is still called Gawker Media, must repay its debts and resolve continuing litigation. Court papers show, the embattled site that published Mr. Bollea’s sex tape, wasn’t included in the Univision deal and is still up for sale to raise additional money for creditors.

Under Gawker’s proposed bankruptcy plan, none of its unsecured creditors will be repaid until the legal battle with Mr. Bollea is resolved.

Silicon Valley billionaire and investor Peter Thiel, who was outed as gay in 2007 by a Gawker site, has acknowledged financing Mr. Bollea’s legal campaign, which shows no signs of relenting.

Last week, lawyers representing Mr. Bollea and other Gawker Media creditors asked Judge Stuart Bernstein, who is overseeing both Gawker’s and Mr. Denton’s bankruptcies, to authorize a probe into transactions conducted by the online-media company before its bankruptcy filing in June. A hearing is slated for later this month.

Gawker’s request for approval of its debt-repayment blueprint represents a significant step forward in chapter 11. If approved, the plan would be sent out to the company’s creditors, who are entitled to an up-or-down vote.

Gawker’s plan says votes would be due Dec. 5, and the company would return to court shortly after, on Dec. 13, to ask for final approval of the plan.

Remembering “Bronco Billy,” the film Clint Eastwood shot in the Treasure Valley

If you were around the Boise area in the late 1970’s, you may remember Clint Eastwood and his film crew coming to town to shoot the comedy movie, “Bronco Billy”.

It’s the story of a modern day wild west show.

Now one of the movie’s biggest fans has taken on a project to remember that event.

Sandy Kershner and friends installed an interpretive panel at Lake Lowell, near the same spot where one of the movie’s scene was shot.

“Actually in the movie, you can see this monument base in the movie itself,” Kershner says. “At that time, it held a big plywood sign that said ‘Visitors Center.’ And now we’re putting this sign up in it’s place, so that people that come here know this is what you can see when you watch the movie.”

Eastwood spent over two months in the Treasure Valley, scouting and shooting the movie, using hundreds of local extras.

If you look closely, you may even recognize someone you might know. Of course, they would be a lot younger.

Maybe not considered one of Clint Eastwood’s best movies, “Bronco Billy” was a fun movie filled with great Idaho scenery.

The Trump Files: Donald and Melania’s Creepy, Raunchy Interview With Howard Stern

Until the election, we’re bringing you “The Trump Files,” a daily dose of telling episodes, strange but true stories, or curious scenes from the life of GOP nominee Donald Trump.

If you think Donald Trump is a headache for GOP chairman Reince Priebus, who frequently has to clean up after Trump’s inflammatory comments, just imagine what former Reform Party chairman Russ Verney had to go through. Verney led the party during the 2000 election, when Donald Trump briefly jumped into the race for the Reform nomination for president. But that didn’t stop Candidate Trump from going on Howard Stern’s radio show and putting his then-girlfriend and now-wife Melania on air with the host for a bizarre, creepy, and totally misogynistic interview about life and sex with Trump.
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When Trump called in to Stern’s show on November 9, 1999, the conversation turned to Melania (“a potential first lady,” Trump said) and her looks. “Let me talk to that broad in your bed,” Stern demanded. So Trump summoned Melania, who was apparently scantily clad and conveniently sitting nearby, to come to the phone. With Stern oozing his creepiest charm, things rapidly got weird.

After demanding that Melania “put on your hottest outfit” for a Stern-Trump night on the town, Stern asked Melania what she was wearing right then. “Uh, not much,” she replied.

Stern pressed on: “Are you naked? Are you nude?” Melania laughed. “Almost,” she said.

“Ahhh, I’ve got my pants off already,” Stern groaned.

Dropping his voice, Stern asked about how often Melania and Trump had sex and how good it was. “We have a great, great time,” she said, claiming that she and Donald did the deed “even more” than daily. “I can tell you need love,” Stern told her. Other topics of the interview included whether Melania stole cash from Trump’s wallet, what she wore to the beach, and her “very nice chest for a model.”

Trump apparently had no problems with Stern’s racy questioning of his then girlfriend. “Oh man, she’s naked there, isn’t she?” Stern asked when Trump got back on the phone. “She is actually naked,” Trump said. “It’s a thing of beauty.”

In a version of the interview clipped by BuzzFeed News, Stern begged Trump to have sex with Melania on air to boost his ratings. “Wouldn’t that be nice?” Trump replied. Someone in Stern’s studio then launched into a crude impression of Melania having sex with Trump. “Please, Donald, don’t put it there!” he cried in a fake accent as Stern’s crew—and Trump—collapsed into laughter. The New York Post also reported that, during the interview, Trump told Stern he frequently “mentally” felt up Melania in public.

But the sex- and harassment-filled radio appearance didn’t exactly strike Trump as a bad move. “Is this your average interview, Robin, for a presidential candidate?” he proudly asked Stern’s co-host before weighing on the role of hotness in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. “There are those that say that if President Clinton was caught with a supermodel, he would have been everyone’s hero. Now, of course, I would never say a thing like that, but there are those that say that.”

“President Trump will be a reality,” Stern said as Trump signed off. “Thank you, Mr. President.”

Verney, the Reform Party chairman, was nonplussed by the sexually charged Stern interview. “The very first principle of the Reform Party is to set the highest ethical standards for the White House and Congress,” he told the Post, “not the most base, crass attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Whatever their private life is, it should be exactly that—their private life.”

Kate Middleton’s Mom Carole Goes Shopping for Princess Charlotte’s Wardrobe—See the Exclusive Pics!


Princess Charlotte may have a few special gifts coming her way!

Over the weekend, Kate Middleton‘s mom Carole Middletonstepped out to do a little shopping for her beloved granddaughter. From the looks of things, grandma definitely spoiled her youngest family member.

In pictures obtained exclusively by E! News, Carole traveled to Kings Road where she stopped in a variety of kid-friendly stores including Trotters Childrenswear.

While her final purchases remain a mystery, we couldn’t help but spy Carole checking out the sweaters and dresses near the front of the store. She would later leave with a large shopping bag from the family-owned business that promises “top to toe” fashion for children.

As it turns out, Prince William‘s mother-in-law wasn’t done shopping just yet. The 60-year-old was also spotted carrying a Russell & Bromley bag suggesting she may have treated herself to a nice new outfit.

There’s no question that Carole has been a strong presence in both of her grandchildren’s life. Whether attending Princess Charlotte’schristening or helping care for Prince George when Kate was a new mom, the proud grandma loves spending time with her extended family.

Speaking of children, Prince William recently expressed his fears about his kids growing up without a few special animals.

carol - 2

Carole Middleton, The Ultimate Helicopter Mom

carol middleton

How typical of Carole Middleton to elbow her way into her 32-year-old daughter Pippa’s first official public date with her new boyfriend, James Matthews.

On Thursday night, Carole was to be found bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘gooseberry’, sitting in on a romantic dinner with Pippa and James at the expensive Chelsea curry house Rasoi, an established favorite with local Sloanes and the young royal set, such as Eugenie and Beatrice who have been known to dine here with their mother Sarah Ferguson, conveniently located just off their prime stomping ground, the King’s Road.

It was a pivotal moment in Pippa and James’ burgeoning relationship; after dumping Nico Jackson in October, Pippa hooked up with James, whom she briefly dated in 2012, again. Exactly when remains open to question, but they have always remained friends, even after Pippa met Nico.

They were certainly comfortable and close enough to spend New Year together. Indeed, some reports have them getting together as early as November last year.

They are reportedly now living together, as the relationship rapidly becomes more serious.

Pippa was spotted walking James’s dog earlier this year, but this Indian dinner was the first time the couple had allowed themselves to be seen out in public, together.

And so it might seem rather odd that, like a Victorian chaperone, Pippa’s mum came along too.

To Carole and Pippa, it probably seemed entirely normal. As James is no doubt finding out, you may think you are just dating one of the Middleton girls—actually, you are dating the whole damn clan.

“The Middletons like to do things together; this is not a family to marry into if you don’t like party games,” says one acquaintance of the family, “Carole’s seal of approval is an important part of any relationship her children might be involved in.”

There would certainly be little for Carole to object to when it comes to her daughter pairing off with James Matthews; the tall and charming Old Etonian is the scion of an enormously wealthy British family whose parents own theEden Rock hotel on St Barth’s.

His brother, Spencer, has become an unlikely reality TV star on the British show, Made in Chelsea, which follows London’s young rich set as they buzz around the SW3 postal district, but James prefers a more dignified, low-profile existence.

James, a City of London fund manager, is staggeringly wealthy, and lives in a five-storey, $20m townhouse, just a stone’s throw from Rasoi.

Pippa and Kate have spoken over the years about the closeness of the Middleton clan, and the middle-class normality of the family is known to have been something that attracted William to Kate.

William’s understanding of the concept of family was fatally warped not just by the deep hatred that developed between his father and mother, but by the way that loathing was played out in a very public grudge match on TV and in newspapers.

It is not hard to see how the easy, comfortable closeness of the Middleton clan, dominated by Carole, must have seemed a far more attractive paradigm to the young Prince than the brutal game of he-said she-said undertaken byCharles and Diana. William is said to jokingly call Kate and Pippa’s father Michael ‘dad’.

Acquaintances say that growing up, Carole ruled the family with, if not a rod of iron, a clear sense of what was and was not acceptable.

“They were always thought of as being incredibly boring,” says one acquaintance who knew the family when the children attended Marlborough school, who also suggests that Carole’s long had a reputation as something of a ‘helicopter mom’: “Carole always made sure they had the right books, and that their pencils were sharpened.”

In a sign that the relationship may be moving on, Matthews, 40, has submitted plans for a first-floor extension to his London property, seeking to build a bathroom above the kitchen, with the blueprints showing a ‘vanity basin’ complete with his and hers sinks.

Maybe he should think about adding a granny flat too.

Michael Phelps Was In No Mood For Reporters As He Arrived Back In The United States

Michael Phelps arrived back in the United States with his wife and three-month-old son Wednesday morning after nearly two weeks in Rio for the 2016 Olympics, where he once again made history by winning his 23rd gold medal (bringing his grand total to 28). As one could imagine, the most decorated Olympian of all time was pretty tired after the long flight, and — like most of us would in his shoes — just wanted to get home and rest.

In other words, Phelps understandably had precious little tolerance for boy howdy reporters from Good Morning Arizona sticking a camera and microphone in his poor exhausted face as he tried to make his way through the airport. After trying to stay inconspicuous, walking with his head down and giving the universal wave off of “leave me alone” didn’t work on the reporters, who continued to follow him and shout questions, Phelps was forced to get tough with them.

Adele posts touching video after cancelling gig, proves she’s the best

LONDON — If ever you needed further proof that Adele is a massively awesome person who genuinely cares about her fans, just take a look at the video below.

On Wednesday, Adele was forced to cancel a gig in Phoenix, Arizona due to illness. Despite being unwell, though, she still took the time to address fans directly in a Twitter video.

“I can’t do my show tonight, my second show here,” she said. “I’m really, really sorry.

“My cold has gotten the better of me, and as you can hear, even if I did the show it wouldn’t be very good.

“I’m really, really, really sorry to let anyone down.”

Adele promised to reschedule the tour at the end of clip. At the time of writing, her video has been liked around 40,000 times.

Usain Bolt strides into history with third straight Olympic 200-meter gold

Usain Bolt wins the 200-meter final for the third straight Olympics. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
Usain Bolt wins the 200-meter final for the third straight Olympics. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
By Rick Maese August 18 at 11:12 PM


RIO DE JANEIRO — Usain Bolt danced again. He may not have many more of these numbers left, so when the music plays and the camera zooms in, it’s worth paying attention. It’s worth trying to follow the beat.The public-address announcer said his name, but the Fastest Man in the Worldneeded no introduction. Bolt offered a little samba, and the crowd ate it up. The starter’s pistol fired, and Bolt kept dancing, reaching the finish line in the men’s 200-meter race in 19.78 seconds.He danced on the sport’s dusty record books, winning a third Olympic 200 meters, his eighth gold medal in all. He danced around the track, tapped his feet on what’s possible in the sport and what’s memorable for fans.

“I don’t need to prove anything else,” Bolt said Thursday night, midway through his party. “What else can I do to prove to the world I am the greatest?”

He came to Rio to put his name alongside the best athletes ever, icons such as Muhammad Ali and Pele, and he felt he needed three big races to do it. “I hope after these Games I will be in that bracket,” the Jamaican repeated Thursday night.

Two down, and just one more to go. In many ways, Friday’s 4×100 relay feels like an inevitable exclamation point.

As is usually the case, Thursday’s race was never in doubt. Bolt flew around the curve and came charging down the stretch, not a single soul anywhere close when he crossed the finish line. Canada’s Andre De Grasse finished second (20.02) and France’s Christophe Lemaitre finished third (20.12) — Olympic footnotes. They just happened to have a better view than most to Bolt’s magic. Like a skyscraper or a Van Gogh, Bolt is best experienced and appreciated in-person and up-close.

American LaShawn Merritt is a 400-meter specialist who’d never faced Bolt in the 200. Unlike some younger sprinters, fear was never a part Merritt’s race prep.

“There’s not a god out there. There’s just a person,” he said.

Merritt finished sixth, 0.41 seconds back, and many in attendance might take issue with his assertion. At the least, Bolt is able to do things no person before him thought possible, feats that could stand for generations.

“He’s created a great legacy for himself once he leaves the sport,” Merritt said. “A true champion.”

Bolt was racing without some familiar faces in the field Thursday. Justin Gatlin, the silver medalist in the 200 at last year’s world championships, and Yohan Blake, the Jamaican sprinter who was second to Bolt in the 200 race at the London Games, both failed to advance out of Wednesday’s semifinals.

[Jerry Brewer: From Usain Bolt to Ryan Lochte, these Games are delivering a little of everything]

Bolt, 29, already had topped those two en route to the 100-meter title at these Rio Games, winning that race also for a third straight time. But Thursday was different. The 200 has always been his baby. He was a specialist in the event as a young runner. (He didn’t even seriously take up the 100 until 2007, one year before he broke the world record.) To Bolt, there’s something about flying around the curve, building speed and then flooring the gas pedal down the stretch.

“I think I’m more nervous over 200 meters than anything else for some reason,” he said entering the race. “I always get nervous. The 100 is never really that stressful.”

He’s nervous, of course, because he cares. It’s why he came to Rio with the goal of defending all three Olympic titles but with the dream of somehow breaking his 200 record, somehow moving the mark below 19 seconds where no one might ever reach it again. On Thursday, the record was never in the cards, and despite the gold, Bolt was disappointed with his time.

“On the straight, my body didn’t respond. I’m getting old,” he said.

[Kerron Clement, Dalilah Muhammad both win gold for U.S. in 400-meter hurdles]

Since breaking Michael Johnson’s once-unbeatable mark in 2009, Bolt has never gotten particularly close to 19.19. But that didn’t stop him from dreaming. His life, after all, is one big fairy tale, one that took him from a small island in the Atlantic Ocean to international acclaim. He grew up running barefoot, graduating to shoes and high school stardom and eventually to Olympic medals and worldwide fame.

“I mean, the guy’s last name is Bolt . . . You can’t write a story like that,” said Ashton Eaton, who defended his Olympic title in the decathlon Thursday, earning him the unofficial title of World’s Greatest Athlete.

In many ways for Bolt, breaking the 200 record might’ve provided some sense of satisfaction, but the pursuit underscored exactly what Bolt has been chasing in this final stages of his career: just himself.

The others couldn’t catch him Thursday night. They couldn’t catch him these past eight years. And just maybe, no man might ever catch him again.

For his part, Bolt is going to stop trying. Thursday marked his final Olympic medal in an individual race. He insists he won’t be around for the 2020 Tokyo Games. Why would he? He came here to Rio de Janeiro knowing these Olympics would be his last dance.

“I can’t prove anything else,” he said.